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Safe and reliable bolt tightening control-torque angle method

Bolt connection is a type of fasteners that are widely used in industrial production and life. The transportation in our lives, airplanes, automobiles, ships, machinery used in factories, electronic products used in life, etc., are all useful To the bolt connection. The main reason for choosing bolts is that the bolts are easy to disassemble. However, this feature will cause the bolts to loosen automatically in some cases, thereby losing the preload capacity.

Platform application in bolt connection, bolt manufacturing process and assembly process

processes, and it bears a pivotal basic role; along with the process of modern industrialization, the tightening process of bolts is constantly controlled. Development, maturity, and enrichment; Volkswagen Group, as a model of system capacity building, has formed a set of comprehensive application and monitoring system standards in the platform application of bolt connections, bolt manufacturing technology and assembly technology.

What should I do if the amplitudes on both sides of the vibrating screen are inconsistent and the bolts are loose? Here comes the adjustment method and tightening points

The editor has summarized many common faults in the operation of the vibrating screen (you can search for keywords in the history record, or leave a message in the dialog box to send you a link), but recently a friend consulted a few problems that have not been sorted in the past, such as: vibration The amplitude of the left and right sides of the screen is inconsistent (more than one friend asked), bolts are loose, etc., so this article introduces the system as a supplement.

How to tighten the bolts

I believe that many riders will be impressed by such a scene: when a tire blows out and replaces a spare tire, they are afraid that the bolts will not be tightened tightly, and they will step on them with their feet until they can't step on them. So, is this operation really good? It really won't be a problem? In fact, the inner world of the bolt is very complicated.

Installation and bolt tightening of gaskets for heat exchanger maintenance

Most of the heat exchangers used in chemical companies are pressure vessels. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check whether the gasket has radial scratches, whether there is a problem with its own material, and whether there is an installation quality problem, otherwise serious quality accidents are likely to occur.

The use of bolts, nuts and washers (including connection, assembly, tightening, use position, and direction)

Today, we will introduce the specifications for bolts, nuts, and washers from the aspects of bolt connection, assembly, fastening, use position, and direction of penetration.

JRTEC-PA110 Hydraulic Torque Wrench Dedicated Pneumatic Pump

*Pneumatic three-stage flow hydraulic torque wrench pump *Multiple continuous torque wrench operation can be selected *With oil cooler, suitable for continuous operation, with external protection steel frame *Φ100 pressure gauge, aluminum oil tank with oil level indicator *70- Various pressure adjustments between 700bar*Continuous operation design, optional hose meters*Passed German TUV Rheinland certification and EU CE certification

JRTEC-P150 series two-speed high-flow hydraulic pump

* Integrated three-stage flow, can be started under pressure * Double motor work, maximum efficiency * Aluminum fuel tank with pressure gauge and motor * Φ100 high-precision pressure gauge * Working pressure: 70-700bar * Equipped with high-efficiency radiator system to ensure pump Use in extreme environments

JRTEC-P55 hydraulic torque wrench special pump

* Electric three-stage flow hydraulic torque wrench pump* Multiple consecutive torque wrench operations can be selected* Comes with oil cooler, suitable for continuous operation, with external protection steel frame* Φ100 pressure gauge, aluminum fuel tank with oil level indicator

JRTEC-AS-36 Electric Pump for Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Ordinary bolts shall meet the following requirements when used as permanent connecting bolts
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